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~ A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Audio Novel presented on the Web ~

Written By:

Illustrated By:

John V. Horst

Emily Berrios

What would you do if you woke up and suddenly found yourself transported over 100 years into the future? All your friends and family are dead and the world is destroyed—buildings, roads, all evidence of ‘civilization’ in ruins. What if it looked like no people have survived, and you are the only ones?

Come join us as we follow Adam and Jane on their journeys in this strange and empty world. Will they find anyone still living? Will they discover what killed everyone? Will they gain the strength to overcome this new world’s hardships and challenges, and create a better world for tomorrow?

Guided by Lina, a young woman of rather unusual skin color, Adam and Jane learn the wisdom and culture of her people, the sun-skins. Accompanied by Rëmi, the handsome son of an important sun-skin leader, the four of them travel to the Library, the last known repository of knowledge and technology in the world, and there they hope to find the cure to save all sun-skins.

But, all is not well at the Library.

On orders from the Head Librarian, the leader of the sun-skins pursues Adam and Jane, trying to take them prisoner to hold them for his master. The Head Librarian, they learn, is a man that everyone hates and fears, but have been powerless to stop. But forces are at work in this place, forces that not even the brutality of the Head Librarian can stop.

Will they succeed and save the world? Find out!

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“A Far Sun” ~ An Audio Web Novel

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